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TAMU ‘SECede’ T-Shirts All the Rage


Texas A&M may or may not be the next member of the SEC. One thing’s for sure: Aggie fans want it to happen.

In 2010, an official Texas A&M slogan “SECede” was printed on t-shirts. There are more options now, including one with a Texas logo that says “I will cut off the horns of the wicked.” And one with a Harry Potter theme.

But with rumors flying that Aggies may bolt soon, “SECede” has been the hot seller.

“We sold so many that we can’t actually keep up with the numbers,” a College Station salesman said, according to ESPN.com. “We’re printing them as fast as we can. Basically we have people going to the printers nonstop to pick up shirts.”

Considering the disdain Texas A&M football coach Mike Sherman already has for The Longhorn Network, we wonder if we’ll see the Aggies coach in one soon.


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