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‘Bama Sorority Girls Rap Goes Viral


Alabama sorority girls have chosen to create their own soundtrack to Rush Week in Tuscaloosa. After all, what’s Bid Day without music?

They rap off key, and then do their own rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” substituting the weekend theme for that of the week when college girls all apply to be in sororities.

The ladies of the Tide wear white T’s, trucker hats and sunglasses while they sing and dance in the video. We detect a hint of a Southern accent as they belt out their songs but it’s hard to tell because they can hardly be heard.

The girls include many aspects of the football team in the video, including a stop at Nick Saban’s statue and rapping inside of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

The video has since exploded on the internet and been featured on Deadspin Break.com with the title, “Most Embarrassing Vid of 2011?”

We thought it couldn’t get any worse than Georgia’s “Party in the UGA”. Well, it just did.

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