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Kimbo Slice’s Teenage Son Striving for Football Stardom


Kevin Ferguson II is the son of MMA star Kimbo Slice. Instead of following in his father’s MMA footsteps, Ferguson II is trying to make college football programs take notice. He will be a junior running back at Miami’s Booker T. Washington High School this fall. Does he have fame ahead of him as well?

For Ferguson, 16, to make a name for himself as a prep star on the gridiron, he will need stability for his junior and senior seasons. “Baby Slice” will be attending his third high school in three years. Ferguson played at Coral Springs High School as a freshman before a year at Miramar High School, where he had 44 carries for 275 yards and six touchdowns as a sophomore.

Ferguson also has split time between parents, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He stays with his mother, Shontay Ferguson, when his father - born Kevin Ferguson, Sr. - is out of town.

A 6-foot-1, 195-pounder, Ferguson gains support from both his parents, even if his size and considerable beard remind most of his father. But according to the Sun-Sentinel, both mom and dad insist that he excels in the classroom.

“Mom’s pushing me, pushing me,” he told the newspaper. “My brother graduated with a 3.5 so my dad, he’s harder on me. ... I’ve got a 3.2 so I’m not doing something right.”

Speaking of his siblings, Ferguson II has nine of them. His father has six kids, while his mother has four from their different marriages. If you are confused already, don’t read any further- Ferguson II also has two brothers named Kevin Ferguson.

Coincidentally, Slice will make his professional boxing debut August 13 against James Wade in Miami, OK.

But Slice, 37, made his name as a mixed martial artist. He emerged as an Internet sensation in 2003, when his unsanctioned street fights were some of the most popular videos on YouTube.

According to reports, he earned his name after giving an opponent a large cut under his eye, earning him the moniker of “Slice.” That was added to his childhood nickname, “Kimbo,” to form his fighting handle.

What followed was a rise to stardom in organized MMA competition. In 2008, Slice fought in EliteXC: Primetime, the first MMA event televised on primetime network television.

He eventually appeared in the UFC in 2010, but his involvement was short-lived. For all intents and purposes, Slice’s career has been successful partly for his acumen in competition but also for his considerable media presence.

His son, Ferguson II (below), describes Slice as a parent who effectively straddles the line between friend and authority figure. And Ferguson knows that, no matter the differences between the two, he always will be compared to his father.

“I hear it all the time,” Ferguson II said to the Sun-Sentinel, referring to taunts from football opponents inspired by his father’s fame. “It’s a motivation. Kimbo Slice being my dad is a motivation to not be as good as him, but to be better than him.

“So, when dudes criticize me about who he is, that just let’s me know that they know who I am, and I just go out there and try to make my presence known. I don’t try to be Kimbo Slice’s son, I want to be Kevin Ferguson II.”

If he makes it as a college football player, he will have the upperhand on his father. Slice was a star football player at Miami Palmetto High School and attended Bethune-Cookman and Miami with plans to play football.

But that didn’t pan out, and Slice left college after a year and half. He had a tryout with the Miami Dolphins in 1997 but never stepped onto an NFL field.

While father and son currently compete in different sports, it’s clear that there’s a mentality that runs in the family.

“When it comes to it, I’d rather not put a move on somebody, I would rather run them flat over,” Ferguson told MMA Fighting. “Physical, I’m all physical. Finesse guys finish last, physical guys finish first.”

Yep, that’s Kimbo Slice’s son.

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