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UK’s Lorenzen Named UIFL Commish


No one would confuse former Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen with Roger Goodell. But both of them now are pro football commissioners.

Lorenzen has been named commissioner of the Ultimate Indoor Football League, according to multiple reports.

No, Lorenzen didn’t work his way up the league office for decades like Goodell. In fact, the QB was the UIFL MVP last season for Northern Kentucky River Monsters.

But the team left the league and Lorenzen - who originally was supposed to be the River Monsters’ general manager - will take over a new role. Lorenzen does have some credentials, including a stint as a backup in the NFL with the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts from 2004-08.

Hopefully the “Hefty Lefty” doesn’t have to deal with any lockouts in the near future. Jared Lorenzen profile


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