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Fore! Jimmer Tanks at Golf Outing


The American Century Classic Championship was significant because we found someone who is worse at golf than Charles Barkley: Jimmer Fredette.

That’s right, Jimmer, a folk hero in both his hometown of Glen Falls, NY, and in Provo, UT, where he was a megastar at BYU, cannot hit a golf ball to save his life.

Consider his score at the tournament over the weekend, where he scored a -88 (no, not 88 under-par), just shy of the worst possible score of -108 (double bogey on every hole) under the unique scoring system.

He ranked No. 83 out of, you guessed it, 83 golfers. Where did Barkley finish? At No. 81 with a score of -68, just ahead of someone named Jay DeMarcus and Jimmer.

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