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Woman Sues Sister Over Duke Tix


A family is taking their fight over Duke basketball tickets to a court of law.

Katina Dorton filed a lawsuit Friday against her sister, her sister’s husband and Duke University for season tickets that once belonged to her father, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

Dorton claims that the transfer of the tickets to Gordon and Sophia Caudle was done without the knowledge of her father or other family members, according to the AP.

The AP said that Katina’s father, John Dorton, was a Duke graduate and dentist for some coaches and players. He bought the tickets through the Iron Dukes, which raises money for the Duke athletic department.

Citing the court complaint, his daughter said that when the transfer of tickets was made in July 2008, John Dorton was sick and unable to act for himself. He died in January 2010 at the age of 81.

Finally, the report said that John Dorton had signed a document allowing the transfer to Caudles, though the complaint is alleging that it should not matter since he was in the aforementioned “diminished capacity.” Katina Dorton also said Duke acknowledged its mistake but said nothing could be done about rectifying it, the AP said.

Our take? Duke should end the debate by banning Katina from Cameron Indoor Stadium. Who sues their own sister?


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