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ASU Sparring With Nudists for URL


The Pac-12 continues to have problems with its websites.

This time, Arizona State’s official athletic site is being confused with one from a nudist group (let’s hope 64-year-old ASU head football coach Dennis Erickson isn’t a member).

According to The Dagger, takes you to the site for Diablo Sun Devils, a nudist colony. Arizona State would like the domain to redirect to its official athletics page:

Arizona State has filed a trademark claim but colony co-owner Rod Marshall said the mix-up is unintentional. Considering the group is named “Diablo Sun Devils,” don’t expect the URL to change hands unless a good wad of cash is involved.

Considering the problems Tupac Shakur has already caused the Pac-12’s conference website, we fully expect conspiracy theorists to now speculate the deceased rapper is hiding out at this colony.

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