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Worldwide Litigator? ESPN Suing OSU


The saga surrounding Ohio State’s scandal just gets more and more complicated.

The Worldwide Leader is suing the Buckeyes for failure to release items related to an NCAA investigation against the school. ESPN is claiming that Ohio State is in violation of state public records laws.

According to, the lawsuit seeks in part “correspondences”  with Ted Sarniak, who has been identified as a mentor to former quarterback Terrelle Pryor in his hometown Jeannette, PA.

The report also said that ESPN believes that Ohio State cited an “inapplicable” privacy law that governs student records. For its part, the school said that it adhered to all laws and even supplied ESPN with what a spokesman called a “voluminous amount” of information.

As if an NCAA investigation, forced resignation of its beloved coach and departure of its star quarterback wasn’t enough, the Buckeyes will have to deal with a lawsuit from the most-influential brand in sports.


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