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QB Landry Jones Marries Whitney Hand


Landry Jones and Whitney Hand are now officially the University of Oklahoma’s first couple.

The Sooners’ starting quarterback and women’s basketball team’s starting guard were married over the weekend after the pair began dating in 2009.

So where did the Sooners’ duo wed? Texas, of course.

Before Oklahoma fans throw up their hands in bedlam, the ceremony took place in Hand’s hometown of Fort Worth.

The ceremony featured an ice block in the shape of a heart (pictured below) with the letters “W + L” on it and Jones’ teammate, Drew Allen, tweeted a picture of the two with the words, “Mr. & Mrs. Landry Jones”. There’s no word on where the two will honeymoon.

Hopefully married life will have a positive effect on Jones’ senior season, as he looks to bounce back from a mediocre junior campaign in which he threw a career-high 15 interceptions.

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