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Secret Service Rejects Tournament Hero


Ali Farokhmanesh busted President Barack Obama’s bracket a few years ago and received some inadvertent payback for it earlier this week.

A former NCAA tournament hero in 2010, Farokhmanesh most famously buried a crucial 3-pointer to help Northern Iowa to an upset of Kansas - Obama’s pick to win it all - en route to the Sweet 16. Now two years later, Obama’s personal detail wouldn’t let Farokhmanesh practice his outside shot.

Click the link below for Farokhmanesh’s Twitter feed, on which he said the following:

“Obama is killing my workouts today…secret service won’t let me in the gym at UNLV…its gotta be the last name”

Farokhmanesh is of Iranian descent on his father’s side. But maybe, the Runnin’ Rebels just didn’t want the former college basketball player in their gym, as Farokmanesh nailed a game-winning 3-pointer to beat UNLV in the first round of the 2010 tournament.

His heroics landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but that acclaim apparently couldn’t get him inside the gym at UNLV, where Obama was set to make a Thursday speech at Cox Pavilion about student loan interest rates.

But Farokhmanesh, who plays professionally in Austria, finally got past Secret Service and sent out a victorious tweet: “Made it! Secret Service can’t keep me out!

As we learned in 2010, you can’t stop Ali Farokhmanesh - you can only hope to contain him.

[Ali Farokhmanesh on Twitter]

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