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Harrison Barnes Google Brings ‘Brow Joke


Ex-North Carolina F Harrison Barnes, a projected lottery pick in this month’s draft, no doubt has had his name Googled a bunch of times. But if you do so on Wednesday, you might notice something strange.

Hats off to Buzzfeed, which provided the screenshot below after being tipped off by one of its users. The below is what came up when Barnes’ name was searched.

The blurb on the right side is Google’s “Knowledge Graph,” which said the following about Barnes: “He enjoys laughing at Anthony Davis, because he has a unibrow which is ugly as hell.”

We can glean that Barnes’ Wikipedia page - which provides info for the blurb - was hacked to make fun of Davis and, even though it was edited out, the “Knowledge Graph” still has the faulty information.

Because, you know, if Barnes actually does enjoy laughing at Davis, we don’t think he would admit it.


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