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Mike Leach Takes to Twitter for Rant


Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach has lots of time on his hands - enough of it to address the nine biggest “overreactions” surrounding NCAA compliance in college football.

We are assuming that he means misconceptions. His top two are the notion that everybody cheats and the main individual at fault is always the head coach.

Check the the link below for the rest of Leach’s list, which he unveiled Monday on Twitter.

Overreaction No. 2 is interesting seeing as though Leach, as the Red Raiders’ head coach, is trying to absolve himself of blame for the treatment of receiver Adam James. James allegedly was forced to say in a darkened garage after suffering a concussion.

Leach may have a point on the some of these, but we can’t help but feel he’s just listing off things that have gone wrong at his own program.

[Dr. Saturday]

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