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Louisville Puts Kentucky Logo in Urinal


Louisville fans probably want to get back at Kentucky for its basketball win in the Final Four. Heck, Cardinals supporters didn’t like the Wildcats, anyway.

So we’re not sure if Louisville football players will need any extra motivation when they play UK on the gridiron Sept. 2. But according to the blog Big East Coast Bias, Cardinals coach Charlie Strong - we can only imagine he has knowledge - has made sure that his players won’t take their minds of their cross-state rivals.

Check the photo below, courtesy of the blog, which said that the photo of a urinal with a Kentucky logo was tweeted by a Louisville player. It also mentioned that this was something that had been done in the past by the ruthless Urban Meyer.

While Strong doesn’t have anywhere near the resume of Meyer, we like the intensity just under three months away from the game - even if Big Blue Nation won’t quite appreciate it.

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