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Army Corner Suing R&B’s Patti LaBelle


Here’s a story you don’t hear every day - a famous R&B singer was the cause of the beating and demotion of an Army football player.

Richard King reportedly was beaten by bodyguards for Patti LaBelle while King was in his hometown, Houston, for spring break on March 11. According to a lawsuit filed by King, he was beaten after LaBelle thought he was standing too close to her luggage at the airport.

LaBelle’s people claim that King - who would have been a fifth-year senior this fall - was drunk, disorderly and causing problems. Whatever the case may be, they sent him to the hospital, inflicted possible football career-ending injuries, caused his demotion from second lieutenant to private and now led to him being deployed for active duty after the limo driver - LaBelle’s son - filed a report with police.

Dr. Saturday has the whole story below and there’s even video footage available.

LaBelle’s luggage reportedly was not damaged. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

[Dr. Saturday]

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