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Colorado Basketball Floor Up for Auction


If you have some room for a backyard basketball court, well, there is some hardwood up for online auction.

Colorado is auctioning off its 16-year-old basketball court, according to The Daily Camera on Sunday. The report said that the auction started Friday and will end on June 15. There haven’t been any bids yet.

According to The Daily Camera, the floor is 60-feet-by-112-feet and is in “fair to good condition.” However, the report said that the floor’s prospective buyer would need to remove, load and transport the floor.

The newspaper also said that the Buffs aren’t allowed to give it to a high school since it would be a violation of NCAA rules. The school is hoping to get at least $5,000 for the hardwood via auction.

If you’re a Colorado fan - or a college hoops fan, for that matter - it would be a great conversation piece. You know, if you have $5,000 laying around and lots of space.

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