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Gerry Sandusky Harassed on Twitter


As you may know, those who spew venom on Twitter aren’t the most-thorough individuals.

Check the screenshots below - aggregated by - of some interactions between Gerry Sandusky and his followers. That’s right, the Baltimore sportscaster and play-by-play voice of the Ravens - not Jerry Sandusky.

Gerry Sandusky seems to answer each and every person who sent him vile wishes. It’s summed up by this Wednesday night tweet: “Once again, thanks to all of you who help get the word out that Gerry and Jerry are not only different spellings, we’re different people.”

And we thought that was implied, though the sportscaster Sandusky has had to fight to protect his last name - forever ruined by the former Penn State defensive assistant and now convicted child molester.

[Gerry Sandusky on Twitter]

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