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Double Take: College Football’s Celebrity Look-alikes


Do you ever watch a sporting event, see a player or coach’s face and think he looks familiar? Some of college football’s biggest names have some famous look-alikes. Here’s a look at the game’s best doppelgangers.


Denard Robinson looks like … Lil Wayne

Yes, it’s easy to compare the two with their long braids and small stature. But the Michigan QB and rapper actually have similar faces – you know, if you take away all of Wayne’s tattoos on his face and bling on his teeth.


Nick Saban looks like ... Billy Bob Thorton

Forget about their personalities. The Alabama head coach and Hollywood bad boy look alike. The all-business Saban and Thorton, more of a free spirit, don’t really dress alike, but that’s OK. No word on if Saban has ever worn a vile of blood around his neck.


Matt Barkley looks like ... Zachery Ty Bryan

Sure, Bryan isn’t as good an athlete as the USC quarterback, but his character on “Home Improvement,” Brad, was a good soccer player. And he played a star high school quarterback in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Plus, his cousin is Brady Quinn. A stretch? OK, we agree, but the two have the blond-pretty-boy look down pat.


Mike Gundy looks like ... the Annoying Orange

This comparison might cause another coaching rant. “The guy who thought this up is garbage ...” But clad in his Oklahoma State orange and curiously-always-present tan, the animated  Gundy strikes a strong resemblance to the orange from the popular web series.


Bo Pelini looks like ... Tim Blake Nelson

We can see the resemblance between the Nebraska head coach and “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” actor most in the face. But Pelini is way more of a wild man. During most games, he looks more like a fire-breathing dragon than anything else. Nelson  (H/T Wiz of Odds)


Pat Hill looks like ... Paul Teutul

These guys could be dead ringers for each other, and it’s more than just the fu manchu the Fresno State head coach and “American Chopper” star share. They are close in age and have the same way about them. Can’t you just picture these two hitting the open road together on a couple of Harleys? (H/T Wiz of Odds)


Mark Richt looks like ... Helen Hunt

Yes, you read that correctly. With that thin smile and sandy hair, we can’t help but picture the Georgia head coach looking exactly like the “Mad About You” actress with a wig on. This won’t help get him off the hot seat, can it? (H/T Wiz of Odds)


Kellen Moore looks like ... Jon Heder

With a football, the Boise State QB certainly is better than Napoleon Dynamite’s Uncle Rico. But the big mop on his head, especially evident in earlier photos, makes him look exactly like the actor who played Napoleon. But can Moore dance like Heder?


Taylor Martinez looks like ... Channing Tatum

Or Tatum looks like Martinez. An emerging star quarterback at Nebraska, Martinez may soon have more name recognition than Tatum, whose been in movies like “Coach Carter” and “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.”


Andrew Luck looks like ... Mad Magazine’s logo

Not exactly what you’d expect for a comparison involving the expected top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. But we just speak the truth. Just look at that hair, those freckles and the ears. If you see Stanford’s quarterback on the humor magazine’s cover, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Case Keenum looks like ... Stephen Baldwin

That less-known brother of actor Alec Baldwin looks like not just another quarterback. Keenum may win the Heisman Trophy this year. But with their hair matted down, blue eyes and facial hair, the resemblance between the Houston QB and the actor/religious activist is scary.


Russell Shepard looks like ... Dave Chappelle

Both Shepard and Chappelle are skinny with similar facial features and are known for light facial hair. The comedian played a basketball-playing version of Prince - “shoot the J!” - on his show. But the LSU receiver has the more athletic build.


LaMichael James looks like ... Webster

C’mon, you chuckled when you read this. And it’s accurate. Actor Emmanuel Lewis - who played the lead character in the 1980s sitcom “Webster” - is tiny, and so is James - a 5-foot-9 Oregon running back with a baby face. Just look at those chins.


Did we miss any glaring look-alikes? Submit your entries below and we’ll add the best suggestions!


Dayne Crist looks like…. James Van Der Beek

Yes, it’s been a while since Van Der Beek was in the public eye, but one astute reader noticed the similarities between the Notre Dame quarterback and Dawson of “Dawson’s Creek” fame. (H/T SportsCrack)

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