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UGA Cheerleader Transfers to GT With BF


Sidni Vaughn has joined the enemy.

A former Georgia cheerleader, Vaughn has transferred to Georgia Tech - where she also will be a member of the cheer squad - where her boyfriend is Yellow Jackets kicker David Scully.

According to reports, Vaughn and Scully bumped into each at the Georgia-Georgia Tech game two years ago but actually began dating after reconnecting through mutual friends. But Vaughn claims that her move to Atlanta isn’t all about Scully.

She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she isn’t “some lovesick girl that followed him to Tech.” Vaughn told the newspaper that she would have a better opportunity to get experience as a physical therapist, which is what she is studying to become, in Atlanta.

“I think it’ll be a lot better because I can truly support him and be happy with what I’m doing,” Vaughn said, according to the newspaper.

In the past, Vaughn had to make cheering for the Dawgs her No. 1 priority.

“I want him to do well,” Vaughn told last November - before her transfer. “My parents joke around and say they hope UGA beats Tech 50-3 and he kicks a field goal.

“It helps that he does kickoffs rather than scoring points. We do cheers if we block kicks.”

Now she will get to cheer for his boots as a member of the Tech cheerleading squad, a group that Vaughn told the AJC has welcomed her without a prejudice or nod to her former school. But what about all the Georgia gear that she owns?

“Burn it,” Scully said, according to the AJC. And as the newspaper pointed out, it’s likely he was only half-joking.

We have a feeling neither Vaughn nor Scully will get a warm reception when the Bulldogs host the Yellow Jackets on Nov. 24 this fall.

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Photo via Georgia Tech Athletics

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