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Photo Emerges of MD State Pride BB Unis


Check below for a photo of the rumored Maryland state-flag basketball uniforms, which were provided to SB Nation’s Testudo Times from a source inside the Terps’ athletic department.

The state-flag uniforms that were the talk of college football (bottom) – and not in a good way – now will be coming to the college basketball hardwood in some form, according to Jakob Engelke of on Twitter last week.

The Testudo Times said the below photo is a rendering of what the new unis will look like according to their source. If these are indeed the threads to be worn by the Terps of the hardwood, we can’t say that we’re surprised. Take a look at that awful design with the state-flag split onto each shoulder and sides of the shorts, plus a mini Maryland state flag on the waist of the shorts.

And as if that’s not enough, check out the non-matching sock colors.

We can’t wait to see the reaction on Twitter if those indeed are what Maryland will wear.

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