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SJU’s Dunlap to Bobcats, Twitter Reacts


The Charlotte Bobcats shocked many with the hire of St. John’s assistant coach Mike Dunlap as their head coach after flirting with the likes of Jerry Sloan and Patrick Ewing.

The Bobcats, who set an NBA record for futility by percentage last season, obviously didn’t want to break the bank for a big-time coach if no one on the sideline could immediately help this team. On top of it all, Charlotte landed the second overall pick in this month’s draft, missing out on consensus top pick Anthony Davis.

For what it’s worth, many on Twitter - including Denver Nuggets coach George Karl, under whom Dunlap worked - praised Dunlap as a great basketball mind. But that didn’t stop the jokes from rolling in on Twitter about the inexperienced hire.

From Not SportsCenter: “Condolences to Mike Dunlap, who was just demoted from St. John’s assistant to head coach of the Charlotte #Bobcats”

From Not Bill Walton: “Critics keep saying Mike Dunlap has no substantial NBA experience. Sounds like he will fit right in as an employee of the Charlotte Bobcats.”

From D’Brickashaw: “I guess I maybe kinda understand that Mike Dunlap hire. Like why spend Lamborghini money on a coach if he’s gonna be driving a Kia?”

Time will tell if it was good hire for Charlotte, but it’s clear that Dunlap has his work cut out for him.


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