#1: West Virginia Mountaineer Fans Always on Fire

We finally have reached the zenith of poor fan behavior in college football after our two-week countdown. In celebration of their spot atop this list, Mountaineers fans might set Morgantown ablaze.


CFB’s Top 10 Most Unruly Fanbases

#10: Wisconsin

#9: Alabama

#8: Tennessee

#7: Miami (FL)

#6: Texas Tech

#5: Oregon

#4: Florida

#3: Ohio State

#2: LSU

1. West Virginia

West Virginia sports fans are equal-opportunity offenders - they will hurl insults at anyone while attending any sport. As such, 34.9% of opposing fans in a 2009 Sports Illustrated survey peg those in Morgantown as the Big East’s rudest. Athletic director Oliver Luck has received complaints about the atmosphere at football games, and basketball coach Bob Huggins - a WVU alum - has been on the public address system more than once in recent years to tell fans to stop throwing objects on the court. In fact, a Pittsburgh assistant was once hit in the face with a quarter.

But Mountaineers fans don’t just treat their “backyard” neighbors poorly. They’ve been known to hurl obscenities at any opponent, referee or opposing fan. WVU fans have been scolded by Morgantown’s mayor for being so profane at basketball games that their blue language can be heard during national television broadcasts.

But that’s all child’s play compared to what the Mountaineer faithful are best at - setting things on fire. According to GQ - which described West Virginia football fans as “Mad Arsonists” and ranked them the third worst sports fans in America behind only Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies fans - WVU fans set 1,120 blazes from 1997-2003. The magazine said there were 120 ignited to celebrate a football win over Virginia Tech in 2003 and 60 more in 2005 after an NCAA tournament win. They even torched couches after the death of Osama bin Laden. Imagine if they actually win a national championship.

Well, we know what will happen. There will be fire and beer in abundance. WVU allows used to allow reentry to football games when fans left the stadium to continue tailgating at halftime. Why? There were no beer sales inside the stadium. Luck is planning to change that, reportedly saying that allowing beer sales in the stadium will curb binge drinking since they now have alcohol on demand.

The collective reaction of those who know what the Mountaineer faithful are capable of with more alcohol? A groan, sigh and then pang of fear.

Only in West Virginia.

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