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#5: Oregon Duck Fans Always in Rowdy Mood


We are counting down the 10 most out of control college football fanbases over the next two weeks. Halfway through the list, we break down Oregon fans in our first trip out West. Who said they’re laid-back on the left coast?


5. Oregon

Sports Illustrated’s 2009 fan survey names Oregon as the Pac-10 (now Pac-12) school with the rudest fans for visitors (26.2%) and ranked it last for the most-polite fans for visitors (2.6%). But we didn’t need a survey to tell us that. Consider the reputation that Ducks fans have earned over the years.

Last season, at least one fan - we’re betting he was just the only one caught on camera - heckled UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel, who was holding an impromptu postgame press conference in full view of Ducks faithful. The offending fan mockingly told the Bruins’ coach that his team had done a great job after its 60-13 loss to the Ducks. The sarcasm was so strong that Neuheisel had to leave the area where he was standing. And that’s how Ducks fans act after a 47-point win, especially when Slick Rick is in town.

They also have been known to throw more than verbal barbs at those they don’t like. According to a Washington staff member, Oregon fans threw “cups of urine and dog feces at the Husky players” during the 1999 1998 version of the border war between the two schools. They apparently felt their tradition of tossing dog biscuits had grown stale.

Bleacher Report’s D. Walker summed up Oregon’s Autzen Stadium in a 2009 post by calling it home to the “crazed, demented and madly insane.” That might be overstating it but, simply put, Oregon fans have earned a wacky reputation nonetheless. It seems that those in Eugene, OR - home to perhaps the nation’s loudest stadium - revel in their rep.

How else can you explain so many grown men dressing up like its Halloween and acting like children?


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