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WVU to Wear New Gray Unis, Helmets?


It looks as if there will be some gray area for West Virginia as it enters the Big 12 this fall - and that will be on its uniforms.

Check the photo below, via West Virginia Illustrated, which shows what it calls a cell-phone shot (apparently from the internet) of star WR Tavon Austin’s jerseys hanging in a locker. It includes a gray jersey with yellow lettering on the back next to the navy blue, white and yellow versions.

WVU CB Pat Miller also chimed in with a photo via Instagram, which shows a gray jersey, pants and helmet.

We still can’t confirm the addition of the gray uniforms and helmets, only provide these leaked photos. As West Virginia Illustrated pointed out, there were rumors last season of the change, and a WVU staff member told it during spring practice that different versions of the gray helmet were being examined.

It certainly is a different look for the Mountaineers, but we’ll reserve our opinion until we see the official final product - if there indeed is one.

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Photo via Pat Miller on Instagram

Photo via West Virginia Illustrated

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