Erin Andrews Dating Romo’s Bro-In-Law?


[Update: Andrews’ rep, Lewis Kay, tweeted out “Would be more interesting if it was true,” which was retweeted by Andrews.]

Could Erin Andrews and Tony Romo one day be family?

OK, well, that’s a little premature, but ESPN’s Andrews reportedly is dating Romo’s brother-in-law, “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford (pictured), whose sister is Candice Crawford, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback’s new wife.

U.S. Weekly, which cited a source, reported that Andrews, 34, has been on “a couple dates” with the 26-year-old Crawford.

We don’t want to make a big deal out of an eight-year age difference, but Crawford is just four years older than some college seniors that Andrews covers on the college gridiron and hardwood.

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The younger Crawford also is a departure from the 45-year-old Troy Aikman - an ex-Cowboys QB - whom Andrews reportedly was linked to not long ago. In 2011, she was linked to Hollywood actor Josh Hopkins, who stars in the show “Cougar Town.”

Speaking of which, if this report is true, Andrews herself now qualifies as a “cougar” - which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

[U.S. Weekly]

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