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Ex-Cowboys Cheerleader: Aikman’s GF?


[Update: We have been contacted by Klein’s camp insisting that she is not seeing Aikman: “Abigail is not dating Troy Aikman.  The two are just friends and they have known each other from their days together in the Dallas Cowboys organization.” We share your disappointment. But if you’d like to see more of Abigail, she will appear in the Adam Sandler-Andy Samberg movie “That’s My Boy” due out in June. ]

Former UCLA and Dallas Cowboys QB and current FOX football analyst Troy Aikman is taking this post-divorce thing quite well.

After reportedly linking up with ESPN’s Erin Andrews, Aikman was spotted out in Los Angeles on Monday night with another beautiful blonde, according to TMZ, which was on the scene to capture Aikman buy his lady roses outside a restaurant.

Who is the new woman, you ask? Well, Busted Coverage reported that her name is Abigail Klein, who - we can’t make this stuff up - is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. The web site uncovered that she currently is an actress, who has appeared on “90210” and “Young & the Restless.”

Klein is reportedly just 23 and there’s no doubt the 45-year-old Aikman - a three-time Super Bowl champion with the Cowboys after a standout career at UCLA - isn’t doing bad for himself after divorcing his wife in April of 2011 and constantly fighting off rumors that he is gay.

Check the photos below, courtesy of Busted Coverage, and the video of Aikman’s chivalry. Troy Aikman profile

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