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MO Senator Tries to Block Kansas Plate


Now we know what Missouri politicians have on their plates in this election year: Regulating college sports-themed license plates.

The Kansas University Alumni Association wants to make available a KU license plate for Missouri residents. At least one politician is trying to stand in the way.

“With the long-standing rivalry between Mizzou and KU, I find it appalling that the creation of this license plate would be conceived in the Show-Me State,” State Senator Bill Stouffer said in a written statement, according KCTV-5.

“I have no doubt my colleagues in the Missouri General Assembly will stand behind me and block this.”

Citing Danny Lewis, director of alumni programs for the aforementioned association, said last week that there are 30,000 Kansas alums who live in Missouri. But before those loyal Jayhawks can get their plates, it would need sponsoring by a Missouri state legislator.

Looks like that will be tough to earn if we know anything about the longtime rivalry, though we’re sure that there are more-important things to haggle over.


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