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Report: Cincy BB Players Beat Up Bouncer


A bouncer at a Cincinnati nightclub has claimed in a police report that several members of the Bearcats’ basketball team punched and kicked him on Saturday night, according to FOX19 on Sunday.

The report said that Brian McLucas, an employee of PLAY nightclub, asked Cincy hoops players to move from a section of the club’s VIP area, and they wouldn’t without a fight - literally.

According to FOX19, the men - whom McLucas identified as basketball players - sat down at someone else’s VIP table and began to drink alcohol that didn’t belong to them.

“I’m asking you guys to get up. You’re drinking her alcohol,” McLucas said, according to the report.. “And I said, ‘You guys are making rude racial remarks towards her. And I said you guys need to get up.’

“... I said you guys need to calm down. And whenever I did that I looked to the right of me and right as I looked to the right of me I seen the dude take three quick steps and punch me in the eye.”

McLucas told the television station that the Cincy basketball players can be identified from the VIP list.

Needless to say, if the Bearcats players are guilty of this behavior, it’s not a great way to endear themselves to the public and coach Mick Cronin after an ugly brawl with cross-town rival Xavier marred the early part of the 2011-12 season and a history of off-the-court troubles under former coach Bob Huggins.


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