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Majerle Catches Ball at D-backs Game


We saw what happened to Matt Geiger, but another former NBA player, Dan Majerle, made his presence felt at a baseball game in a different way.

The Diamondbacks’ Gerardo Parra ripped a ground-rule double into right-center field on Saturday night, when TV cameras showed Majerle catch the ball on one hop as it bounced over the wall.

What was Majerle doing at the time? Grillin’ and chillin’ in the outfield. He snagged the ball with a plate in the other hand and posed there for a while. Check the video below.

A former Central Michigan star and three-time All-Star with the Phoenix Suns, Majerle currently is an assistant coach with the Suns but certainly showed some baseball skills.

[Darren Rovell on Twitter]

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