Bob Knight Rips Kentucky Hoops Again


Even in the wake of its national title, Kentucky continued to be the target of former Indiana and Texas Tech coach Bob Knight.

The current ESPN analyst had a speaking engagement at The Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, IN, where he took aim at the Wildcats as part of a speech that encompassed his experiences and career.

Knight has drawn criticism for a perceived bias toward Kentucky, which he has refused to call by its name and even purposely left it off a list of the best teams in the country.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Knight continued Saturday by ripping the one-and-done rule, calling it a “disgrace” - a veiled shot at UK. Then, he talked directly about the Wildcats.

“Kentucky managed to get irritated over that because I mentioned them as the SEC team rather than Kentucky,” Knight said, according to the report. “Well, they might not have known that Kentucky was in the SEC. I thought that was always a possibility with them.”


[Indianapolis Star]

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