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Draft’s ‘Mrs. Irrelevant’ Identity Revealed


Our long national nightmare is over: The identity of Mrs. Irrelevant has been revealed.

The Northern Illinois QB was the last selection in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts and, as such, had an indecent proposal. A video appeared on YouTube last week in which a New York City woman offered, in so many words, to sleep with the last pick of the draft, known as Mr. Irrelevant - whomever he may be.

A reader from NBC Sports’ Off the Bench blog uncovered that the woman is Brianne Berkson, a 27-year-old Columbia grad and New York City comedian. Here’s her website and click the link below for her Twitter page on which she linked the aforementioned YouTube video.

And, oh yes, she’s released another new YouTube clip confirming her interest in Harnish and proclaiming, “You’re cute” with a framed picture of him.

Now that we know she’s an entertainer, it’s even more clear that the offer was a hoax. But maybe Harnish should check just to make sure.

[Brianne Berkson on Twitter]

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