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DeCastro Mistakes Big Ben for Secretary


Stanford guard David DeCastro is going to get to know Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger while protecting him in the coming years. It looks like he needs an introduction.

According to multiple reports, DeCastro took a call after being selected 24th overall by the Steelers. He thought the person on the other line was a Steelers secretary who would be handling his travel arrangements.

Instead, it was Roethlisberger calling with congratulations.

“(DeCastro) was saying, ‘Did you get those flight plans? Did you get those flight plans?’” Roethlisberger said, according to those reports. “I can’t wait once we get started to get on him about that.”

That Altoona Mirror said that Roethlisberger told an audience of 1,100 Saturday night at the 25th anniversary of the Blair County Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony about DeCastro’s mistake. According to the report, he realized after a few seconds that it was the two-time Super Bowl-winning QB.


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