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NC State’s Washburn Opens Restaurant


Former NC State star Chris Washburn is back in his hometown of Hickory, NC, and owns and operates Washburn’s Wings and More, according to The Charlotte Observer.

The former third overall pick in the 1986 NBA draft, Washburn eventually was banned from the NBA for life in June 1989 after failing three drug tests in three years. He admitted to the Observer that he even fed his drug habit in the very spot that now holds his business.

The newspaper said that Washburn opened the restaurant in January with his girlfriend, Monique Richardson. According to the Charlotte Observer, the prices are under $5 for most of what is on the menu and patrons can work for the food if they can’t afford it.

“If somebody doesn’t have a job, I can’t turn him away,” says Washburn. “There’s work to do around here – sweeping the parking lot, dumping trash ... A man doesn’t always want a handout. He wants to work for what he can get.”

And it seems that Washburn - who told the newspaper that he has been clean for 12 years - seems to have done just that as his life has come full circle back in North Carolina. Chris Washburn profile

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