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BYU to Wear Black Pro Combat Unis?


Prior to the 2011 season, BYU’s football team went independent. Now the Cougars may be giving themselves a new look.

Check the photo below, which was tweeted Monday by Brian Mace of the Cougar Center podcast. It looks as if it has been taken from a meeting at which new black uniforms were being discussed.

Mace Tweeted the following then followed with the photo: “Confirmed. BYU will have Black Pro Combat Uniforms in 2012.”

The BYU blog Vanquish the Foe reasons that the photo does not look to be doctored, which would leave out the possibility that it could be an April Fools’ Day joke - even if it would be a bit late.

Draw your own conclusion from the photo, but just know the a new look could be on the horizon.

[Vanquish the Foe]

[Brian Mace on Twitter]

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