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Ex-VT RB Wilson Back-Flips Before Draft


You better have a hidden talent if you want your NFL draft stock to soar. At least, that’s what some prospects are thinking.

In the wake of Brandon Weeden’s clay-pigeon display and a vertical leap on a stack of pads by ex-Presbyterian DB Justin Bethel, former Virginia Tech running back David Wilson is showing teams that he can reel off an impressive display of back-flips.

This isn’t unprecedented. As Wilson mentions in the first of the below videos, New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul said he could do 23 consecutive back-flips if he had to before actually doing 14 before the 2010 draft.

Wilson did 21 with his hands on camera, then followed that with 13 with no hands.

As he said prior to his first attempt, it’s proof that he indeed could be the best acrobat in the NFL - for whatever that’s worth.

[The Key Play]

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