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UK’s Jones Gives Flowers to Cheerleader


Terrence Jones is a man of his word. The outgoing Kentucky forward delivered flowers to the Louisville cheerleader he accidentally injured during the Final Four earlier this month.

A collision took place when Jones raced down the floor in transition but was not able to corral a lead pass from teammate Anthony Davis and went barreling into the Cardinals’ cheerleaders on the baseline.

Cheerleader Jerica Logue needed stitches to patch up an injury on top of her head but eventually returned to the game. Jones, though, was remorseful about the accidental collision.

“Tell her I’m sorry,” said Jones afterward, who had no idea he caused the injury at the time. “I’ll drive down there and tell her myself with some flowers or something.”

According to a report from WHAS-11, that’s exactly what Jones did on Monday night, when he arrived at a cheerleading practice with a nice arrangement. Judging by the video below, courtesy of the television station, the surprise delivery was a hit.


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