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Presbyterian DB Has Huge Vertical Leap


Now we know what Presbyterian football players have to do to get noticed.

In the below video, defensive back Justin Bethel from the FCS school is seen jumping atop a stack of boxes, which supposedly are a combined five feet high. That’s an incredible flat-footed, standing jump by Bethel, who, for all you math wizards, completes a 60-inch jump (granted, Bethel was aided by tucking his knees in on the leap).

“... We were showing how our weightlifting coach, coach Taylor, had helped us get stronger,” Bethel told CNBC’s SportsBiz. “We were just showing off to the fans, the local people.

“We had some volleyball players in there and they had seen me work out before and they had seen me do these box jumps.”

There are already conspiracy theorists about the video since Bethel had only a 39 ½-inch vertical at the NFL combine, the fifth-highest in Indianapolis and best for a defensive player, but the clip looks pretty legit to us.

Originally posted on February 25th, Bethel’s video now has more than 10,000 hits on YouTube and conjures up images of former San Jose State defensive end Jarron Gilbert jumping out of a pool flat footed prior to being a third-round pick by the Chicago Bears in 2008 (That video now has over four million hits on YouTube while Gilbert is a member of the Buffalo Bills but has only played in five career NFL games).

As for Bethel, he was already projected to be a late-round pick who can contribute on special teams after blocking nine career kicks for the Blue Hose (that’s really the school’s nickname) with a reported 76 3/4-inch wingspan. So basically Bethel is a real-life Spiderman.

We’ll see if this video helps the 5-foot-11 defensive back get selected even earlier this weekend.


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