Paterno Family Says No to JoePa Stadium


The family of Joe Paterno turned down an offer from Penn State, which wanted to rename Beaver Stadium after the legendary coach who died in January, according to a report from The Patriot-News on Sunday.

The newspaper said that the offer was part of a deal after Paterno died that was sought by the university, which would get a full release in return. That would have ensured that the Paterno family could not sue the school or speak negatively about it, the report said. The family reportedly refused the offer.

Another prong in the reported offer was for the university to honor Paterno’s contract, which it did anyway last week.

It was reported by ESPN.com - in a story that cited its news services, The Patriot-News and the school - that Penn State paid out the Paterno estate a package worth $6.7 million. It reportedly included contract bonuses and television and radio revenue among other things.

According to reports, the family remains upset about how the legendary coach was fired in the wake of the alleged Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal. And it made a point to say that the money paid out was not a settlement but what was owed to Paterno.

The Patriot-News said that Paterno never cared much about the stadium bearing his name, though it was popular among fans to give him that honor.

It’s clear that it’s more important to his family that Paterno’s name remains in tact figuratively - instead of literally on the front of the Nittany Lions’ home.

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