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Oregon QB Gives ‘Cribs’ UO Locker Tour


Oregon’s locker room puts some celebrity cribs to shame.

That’s why Ducks QB Bryan Bennett, the presumed starter this fall, took viewers on a tour of the school’s football locker room like it was an episode of MTV’s “Cribs” - complete with a familiar accompanying background track. Check the video below.

It starts with a wall lifting up like a garage door after Bennett taps it. On the inside, the Ducks have a two-story locker room, in which players can get a bird’s-eye view of their coach’s game-day speeches.

There’s also state-of-the-art lockers that ventilate the manly fumes that come from sweat-soaked uniforms and different light settings - including one labeled “lounge” -  to match that of the stadium on a particular day, so that players’ eyes don’t need to make an adjustment upon running onto the field.

Yes, really.

And of course, there are multiple homages to Nike’s Phil Knight, Oregon’s uber-booster, whom Bennett refers to as “Uncle Phil” - a nickname normally used by those who mock the hand-outs that Knight gives to the school.

We can’t blame Bennett. If we called the lap of luxury that is Oregon’s locker room home, Knight would be our hero, too.

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