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Navy Football Players Dance at Practice


We think of the service academies as buttoned-up programs run by drill-sergeant coaches. But check out the video of Navy letting its collective hair down at spring practice.

And by letting its hair down, we mean having a choreographed dance party as if the Midshipmen were on the deck of a cruise ship - not one set for battle.

Said coach Ken Niumatalolo before Monday’s practice: “You guys have busted your butts. So we’re gonna warm up a little bit differently. I’m tired of this cut the grass crap. We’ve got a little different warmup today. I’m gonna let these guys tell you what our warm up is for today.”

Check the video below of Navy cutting a rug, in a warm-up no doubt inspired by “Remember the Titans”. The warm-up turns into a dance marathon with moves that range from “The Dougie” to the “Electric Slide,” and make sure to check out Niumatalolo himself getting jiggy at the end.

Our only complaint: No “In The Navy”?

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