Lt. Gov Resigns Over SEC Title Tickets?


South Carolina Lt. Gov. Ken Ard was forced to resign, according to WIS-TV on Friday, after an ethics scandal that included him allegedly using campaign funds to pay for a hotel room in order to attend the 2010 SEC Championship Game between South Carolina and Auburn in which the Gamecocks lost, 56-17.

“During my campaign, it was my responsibility to make sure things were done correctly.  I did not do that,” Ard said in a statement, according to the report. “There are no excuses nor is there need to share blame.  It is my fault that the events of the past year have taken place.”

In addition to claim about the SEC title game, Ard reportedly used funds allocated for his campaign for “gas, food, meals, airfare across the country, postage, advertising, phone services and consulting,” the report said.

The station reported that Ard was ordered to pay $60,000 in fines after a five-month investigation found that he was guilty of 92 campaign-finance violations. The case then was turned over to the Attorney General last July, according to the report, which also said that four meetings of the state grand jury preceded Ard’s resignation.

If Ard did indeed use money for his football fandom - he didn’t admit to specifics in his resignation statement - it’s more proof that the college gridiron is king in SEC country.


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