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Mayweather Loses $1M Betting on Duke?


Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has made a habit of showing off his betting prowess via Twitter.

There has been a rumor floating around the internet that Mayweather lost nearly $1 million on Duke (+2) on Saturday night, when the Blue Devils were routed, 88-70, by North Carolina at home. Tweeted Sports Illustrated’s Bryan Armen Graham: “Floyd Mayweather has $990,000 on Duke (+2) vs. UNC tonight with the action split at four Vegas books, per @incarceratedbob” - referencing a popular New York City radio caller.

Mayweather told Bob Costas in a recent interview that he was thinking about betting Duke in the first half. The Blue Devils trailed by 24 at halftime.

It’s unclear if he actually went ahead with either bet since, you know, bettors don’t have a habit of advertising their losses.

If Mayweather did so, he would have lost decidedly. But at least he has this $333,333 win from the BCS Championship Game and another $1M from the Patriots beating the Broncos in the playoffs to infuse his bank roll.

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