Pitino: No Animosity With John Calipari


Louisville coach Rick Pitino said that he and supposed nemesis John Calipari aren’t really at odds, according to Zags Blog, which cited an interview with the affiliated SNY-TV.

“There’s no animosity. It’s just we’re competitors and we want to win and we want to beat each other out for recruits,” Pitino said of his relationship with Kentucky’s coach, according to the report.

“And that’s the truth. Now you can write whatever else you want to write. But that’s the truth. The truth speaks for itself.”

Zags Blog wrote about the history between the two, which included Pitino’s role on UMass’ coaching search committee when Calipari was hired at the school in 1988. Adding more detail to a story he has told before, Pitino said in the report that he wrote a $5,000 or $10,000 check for the AD to cover “expenses” surrounding Calipari’s hire.

The casualty of Pitino’s reallocated funds, according to Zags Blog? His wife Joanne’s Sak’s Fifth Avenue bill.


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