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‘The Face’ Wants to Be ‘Bama President


Jack Blankenship, the now-famous Alabama student photo-bomber known as “The Face,” wants to be the president of the University of Alabama, where Robert Witt just left his post.

No, not just student president. Click the link below for Alabama.com’s explanation.

Blankenship had shot to fame for holding a cardboard cut-out of his own face above his head while he actually made the face. He began the practice at Crimson Tide home basketball games and took his show on the road to New York City, where he appeared on “The Today Show” and Jimmy Fallon’s late-night program.

Even if for a fleeting period, Blankenship and “The Face” were a lasting image for Alabama.

The video below - with tongue planted firmly in cheek - shows why he would be a good leader for all of the Crimson Tide community. The 19-year-old is kidding, of course.

We think.


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