UK’s Anthony Davis Enjoys ‘Brow Jokes


Anthony Davis has been serenaded all season with unibrow themes and references. But according to The Dagger, which aggregated all things unibrow, it doesn’t bother him.

Davis spoke with reporters Thursday in anticipation of Saturday’s Final Four game against Louisville and said that he enjoys the eccentricities of the fans. He even said the unibrow jokes come from those of all ages.

“(A young girl) got on her knees and bowed down to me like I was a king and said, ‘Bow to the Brow.’ She was like 5 or 6,” Davis told The Associated Press. “I just started laughing.”

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Click on the link below in which you can find more ‘brow anecdotes and those who fancy slogans like “Bow to the Brow” and “Fear the Brow.”

Would Davis ever consider shaving it off? Looks like he’s enjoying it to much.

[The Dagger]

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