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Michigan OL’s Tandem Bike Hits Internet


Here’s a shoutout to Midwest Bike & Tandem in Ann Arbor. It apparently makes its product extremely sturdy.

In an interview with MGoBlog, Michigan left tackle Taylor Lewan - at 6-foot-8, 302 pounds - admitted that he rides around campus on a tandem bike that he bought from the aforementioned shop.

“I ride a twosy bike. That’s not leaving Ann Arbor. I’m keeping that twosy bike,” Lewan said, according to the interview.

“... Oh yeah. I give rides. I carpool. I ride with a couple guys. Drew Dileo’s in the back of the thing all the time. You guys know Chris Brown from hockey. He’s on there, too.”

And there’s this after MGoBlog rightly inquired about the weight distribution on the bike: “No. There’s really no problem with that. Do you have any more football questions at all?”

The blog didn’t have much else about the gridiron after no doubt trying to process the thought of Lewan carting around other athletes on a cozy tandem bike - and we would have been in the same boat, but more so because Lewan used the word “twosy.”

Check the photo below of Lewan, courtesy of MGoBlog via linebacker Jake Ryan on Twitter, which shows him on the bike with fellow 300-plus pound offensive lineman Graham Glasgow. Lewan is already known for his hijinx, like tattooing a mustache on his finger so he can hold it up to his upper lip.

Now only if there was a photo of Lewan carting around Brady Hoke.


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