Nick Saban H.S. Considered in Alabama


It looks like there won’t be a Nick Saban High School in Montgomery, AL. But yes, in case you were wondering, it was taken under serious consideration.

The Montgomery Advertiser reported that Saban, Alabama’s football coach, was among the suggestions for the new high school that soon will open on the east side of the city. The Tide’s coach accompanied the likes of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama as candidates who were suggested by the public.

The newspaper reported that New Park High School has been chosen as the name, though it still has to be finalized after a recommendation to the board of education.

Only in Alabama would Montgomery Public Schools spokesman Tom Salter have to make the following statement, which was cited by the newspaper: “As big as an Alabama fan as I am, it would likely not be an appropriate choice, especially this close to the Plains.”

The comment was a nod to the state’s rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, which is closer to Montgomery than is Tuscaloosa - home of the Tide. The newspaper said that Salter “playfully declined comment” when asked why Auburn coach Gene Chizik was not a candidate.

We have a feeling that if Saban keeps adding to his two national titles with the Crimson Tide, it won’t be long before there is actually a high school named after him.

[Montgomery Advertiser]

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