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DT Arrested for Taping Teammate’s Sex


Boston College junior defensive tackle Jaryd Rudolph has been charged with illegal audiotaping for recording a teammate having consensual sex with a graduate student at the players’ campus suite, according to the Boston Globe.

The newspaper said that Rudolph violated privacy and eavesdropping laws on Feb. 15, when he allegedly recorded the encounter on his cell phone. The Globe said that Rudolph revealed what was recorded to at least one teammate.

According to the newspaper, Rudolph pleaded not guilty at a hearing but has been suspended from the Eagles’ football team. The report said that the female student - who reportedly had been teased by other BC students about the recording at work - complained to BC police.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would even risk doing what Rudolph allegedly did considering some of the others that have found themselves in hot water for sophomoric pranks that have resulted in college kids going to jail.

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