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Fan Makes UK Logo, Unibrow With Dip


We don’t want to stereotype those from Kentucky, so we will let them do it to themselves.

Check the photo below of 350 cans of chewing tobacco arranged to form a UK logo underneath a unibrow in a nod to star Kentucky forward Anthony Davis. Oh yeah, and there’s that picture of a “Three-Goggle” - the Wildcats’ favorite hand motion after a 3-point basket goes through the net.

This comes on the heels of a Kentucky fan shaving a unibrow into his chest, another breaking into the YUM! Center to watch UK play last weekend and a couple hooligans changing Duke Rd. in Lexington to “uk” Rd.

The most recent tribute came from the Twitter feed of Travis Lairson, who then was retweeted by Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio - making Lairson a celebrity of sorts.

Lairson responded with another tweet: “You should see all these Kentuckians tweet me about how proud they are of my dip cans #humbled”

All we can say: Most. Kentucky. Thing. Ever.

[Travis Lairson on Twitter]

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