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UNC Hater: Marshall Broken Wrist a Hoax


A Charlotte Observer reader, whose name the newspaper withheld, has gotten to the bottom of this Kendall Marshall injury, or so he or she thinks.

The reader sent an e-mail to The Observer’s Andrew Carter, who writes in the newspaper’s “Observations from Above the Rim” blog, and said that North Carolina invented Marshall’s injury so that it could overshadow NC State’s presence in the Sweet 16.

Check the entirety of the e-mail below:

“Did you actually see a doctor cut the wrist??? How many times has UNC played this card during the years??? You and I know there is no doubt Marshall will play this weekend. Roy knew that NC State was in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since the Titanic sunk, and lo and behold, the Pack was in the sweet 16. Roy knew the media would be all over the Wolfpack and he was not going to let that happen. We all know it is only about the Heels. So excuse me if do not believe the story…How is Barnes ankle??? Roy cried all year about that and he was 1st team ACC. I think the league should start fining the Heels for these false reports.”

No, we didn’t actually witness a doctor cut Marshall’s wrist, as if anyone had the option of being with him in the room for the surgery. Plus, Marshall did, you know, take a pretty nasty fall and land on the wrist in question.

There’s video of it.

But before we strain ourselves trying to argue with someone who obviously is just out to make outrageous statements, consider that under no circumstance would North Carolina - one of the nation’s most historic programs - need to pander for coverage during an NCAA tournament in which the Tar Heels are a No. 1 seed and Final Four favorite.

We’re guessing this individual is also still examining the Zapruder film.

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