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KSU’s Rodriguez Hears Green Card Chant


The Southern Mississippi fans that traveled to Pittsburgh for the team’s second round game against No. 8 seed Kansas State brought a taste of racism from the Deep South on Thursday.

Freshman K-State guard Angel Rodriguez was trying to shoot a free throw for Kansas State late in the first half, when the following chant could be heard in the background: “Where’s your green card?!” Several websites have speculated it was the school’s own band.

Not only was the chant disgusting, it also didn’t make any sense. Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, an island from which one wouldn’t need a green card to enter the United States. The Southern Miss fans are lucky Frank Martin had more important things on his mind than struggling the people who chanted this.

Rodriguez and the Wildcats got the last laugh with a 70-64 victory. Check the video below.


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